Loving someone who has an addiction can be both heartbreaking and painful. Addiction afflicts many people and their families to the point of death or going to jail, and you may want to help someone you love get help even if they don't believe they have a problem. Going to rehab, or a facility designated to treating various kinds of addictions, can be difficult for many addicts. Of the over 23 million Americans who suffer from drug, eating, alcohol, and other addictions, a scant 11% eventually get the help they need to lead richer, healthier lives. One of the best things you can do to help an addict with their addiction is to try to get them the help they need, and here are some things you can do to try to show them how much you care.

End all enabling relationships

You may be helping an addict loved one by giving them a place to stay, giving them money when they are broke, or even turning a blind eye when they are actively imbibing in their addiction around you. Doing this is enabling, or making their behavior easier to continue. While your intentions may be pure in trying to keep them off the streets or in trying to not show judgement of their actions, the longer you make it easier to keep using the longer it may take them to realize they have a problem. Speak to a counselor to identify the ways your relationship with an addict may be actually hurting them more and end the things you may be doing to unwittingly aid in their addictive ways.

Tell them how much you care

Approaching an addict and outright asking them to stop doing things that are harmful to them can backfire and make them turn away from you while still continuing with their addiction. Instead, tell them how much you care about them and express your concerns over their health or inability to keep a job or a healthy relationship. In showing concern and genuine love for an addict, they may be prompted to seek out help on their own. If they show interest in getting into rehab you can help them by making phone calls or looking up different facilities they can go to.

Know when to walk away

As much as you may love a person who has an addiction, you cannot let their actions control your life. Constant worry, fear, and enabling can begin to destroy your own life. Sometimes the best thing you can do for an addict is to walk away so you can salvage your relationship when they get the help they need. If they choose not to get help, know that you have done everything you can and you are not responsible for their addiction in the first place so you can continue with your life and seek your own happiness and success.